4 Really Great FOOD Things About Columbus, Ohio

The North Market
North Market has really super duper fantastic selection of global and fresh foods... They are also supporters of the local movement, going green and organic.  It is like a gillion really awesome places and things all in one place.  YESSSSS.  Probably the greatest thing about Columbus. Probably.

Jack & Benny's
Example Gutbuster. 

Jack and Benny's is an excellent breakfast place in the north campus area.  The wait and parking can be difficult but it is WELL WORTH IT.  Prices are great and if you go at least one time you must try their famous "gutbusters,"  a layered dish of a variety of breakfast foods. 

The Ohio Deli
The sandwich before we ate it... notice the entire other sandwich behind it!

The sandwich after we ate it, french fry tee-pee included!
The Ohio Deli was featured on Man vs Food for the Dagwood Challenge.  I totally forget what the challenge was but more importantly this sandwhich is HUGE and only $9, making it easy to eat the cost but still difficult to eat the entire sandwich, even split in 2!  They also give you a HUGE portion of delicious seasoned fries to go along with the sandwich.  They charge 50 cents for sharing, which compared to NYC's $5 or $10 sharing charges is INCREDIBLE (edible eggs)! Take out some of each layer to make it much easier to eat with your hands, upright, normal sandwich style.
Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream
Brambleberry Crisp
Spoonful of Brambleberry Crisp, very lovely to whoever created the Jeni's website!
Jeni's is probably best known for its Salty Caramel ice cream but they have all kinds of wonderfully fantastic crazy flavors, a couple of the best I have tried are...
Yogurt-Lemon and Blueberries
Ice Cream- Brown Butter Almond Brittle
You can sample any flavor for **FREE** so try a crazy combo like Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet or Rhubarb and Lime Cardamom

food is yummy. eat at these places and you will not be disappointed. maybe, who can judge that, honestly. the end.

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  1. Huffington Post named Jeni's the best ice cream in the US