Boba and Bamboo!

They are not related except for by how awesome they both are and they both start with B and they sound good together..."boba and bamboo, boba and bamboo"
 MMMMMMMM delicious POPPING BOBA - Mango and Strawberry style! On top of some amazing Yogurtland! 
This is my bamboo.  
I bought it at IKEA for $3.  
It has an awesome blue pot,
also from IKEA for $1.  
I love IKEA.  
My bamboo will probably die.  

That is what a poem might sound like by someone who is maybe writing a poem for the first time. 


Knit Knit Knit, Kna, Knit Knit Knit, Knit-a-lo-Kne-on

So this week I decided to take up a random hobby.  KNITTING! Well actually I wanted to take up the hobby of crocheting when I found "Crochet School" online where this awesome lady makes amazing videos teaching you everything you ever did not want to know about crochet.  But...I decided I probably needed to stick to the basics and just be a knitter.  Crochet maybe one day.  Maybe. This was on Sunday night.

On Monday I made my way to Michaels-- Craft Emporium, where I realized this was probably the most inconvenient time of year to take up knitting.  I fought my way through the hoards of old women and snagged some yarn (which they all eyed carefully... probably because they wanted to see what color to knit their great-grand-daughters 5th scarf with tassels for Christmas) and some pretty bad-ask* wooden knitting needles. Here is the live footage...OMG there was a sale. Fantasticulous.

I brought my supplies home and scoured the intra-net for the best teacher of knitting (secretly hoping Crochet School lady made some knitting videos as well- no such luck).  Anyways... on the YouTube I stumbled upon (no pun intended ghahahahahah, that maybe was inappropriate?) this cheesy-butt video with some kids who were also learning to knit.  I said to myself... "self, if these over-caffeinated teenagers can learn to knit then you can too," and thus I embarked on a knitting adventure with "Teen Knit Cafe."  This is it... and it actually worked!

So far I've been knitting for a combined approximate hourage of 1.5 and this is what I have to show...

I have absolutely no idea what it is going to be.   But what I do know is ... in the case of a zombie or any apocalypse for that matter you will want me with your cohort.  Let me state my case...... when we have barricaded ourselves in a basement of an abandoned house in the middle of winter in South Dakota we will send someone for supplies.  That someone who was searching for food and other items of use in an apocalypse to try and still live civilized amidst the insanity upon us may return with a ball of yarn and 2 sticks.  You know what... I am going to take that yarn and 2 sticks and knit the young children we have been trucking across country some blankets to stay warm.  And maybe if you are nice I will knit you one too so you don't freeze to death before the zombies eat you.  Ya.  So pick me, you want me in your apocalypse cohort.  And that is why I am going to master the art of knitting.

* All naughty words in all posts will be changed to not naughty words.  But in real life... this is how I really talk.  I actually say "bad-ask" instead of you know what and "bits" instead of you know what and "fudgeroni with cheese" instead of you know what. It just is.  Let it be.

Amaz-a-ling Television

ALL of these shows are super amaz-a-ling and every episode should be watched with complete concentration.... Why havn't you watched them yet? Get on it!
It is pretty much impossible to watch LOST without complete silence... If you want to talk you must wait until commercial breaks. Also, Hurley is named after Hurley from LOST and he is cool. 
Sylar scares the poop out of me and Hiro Nakamura is the coolest! Just his name is fun to say.  Where did this show go :( 
I never thought I would like a show about Zombies... but seriously this is great!  Love a good apocalypse!
Seriously funny.  Love Charlie Day. Love. Day Man, fighter of the Night Man. Woooahhh-ahhh. Champion of the sun.  Master of karate and friendship for everyone. 

Party Down! WooWoo! Very dry humor, nonetheless amazing.  I want to be these people for Halloween next year, such a great costume!  This is a written record.  When I am trying to figure out who to be next year and completely forget this was ever an idea, someone please remind me.  Thank you in advance.
30 Rock  
Tina Fey, you are mad-genius.   This show is fan-freakin-tastic.  I saw Tracey Morgan once at a live comedy show in NYC.  I saw Tracey Morgan for the second time on a street in SOHO where he rolled up, parked his SUV illegally and had a broken? foot. I just want to make it clear that I saw and recognized him first before the swarm of people trying to get their pictures taken with him, but I was too much of a baby to say anything except for whispers to Angel.  This will probably be what I do every single other time I see someone I know from the television.

Arrested Development! Michael Cera is a bit of a creeper in this one, but I still watched the entire series in less than a week.  Totally worth it.  There is talk (as there always is) of this becoming a movie?  For realizes that would be fantastic.  We all need a little more of the Bluth family in our lives.

I know The Office is getting old, but I still love, love, love it.  The character development is fantastic.  You feel like you know those people.  I totally did not realize Mindy Kaling (Kelly) was a writer on the show.  I can't wait to read her book.  After watching however many seasons of the show you have to love all of those characters, no doubt.  :)

New Girl!  So even though this show is brand new this year, I really like it so far!  Zooey Deschanel is fun plus I super-love the apartment they live in.  For-realzies, I hope it stays good or gets better. Totally a feel-good comedy.

I started watching Modern Family because I was forced to through an assignment in a Parenting class at OSU.  Gigantic thank you to that professor.  Love everything about this show (especially the younger brother Luke, so hilarious)... and this random picture I found of it!

Undeclared. Jason Segel... I know you were hardly in this, but you were and are amazing.   Yes this show is old, yes you should totally still watch it.  Seth Rogan whhhhhaaat?

Freaks and Geeks.  I absolutely loved this show as a kid.  Judd Apatow why must they always cancel your fantastic work with amazing casting?  (he did Undeclared too!)  Freaks and Geeks had a short life, but man, it was great.  Jason Segel, Seth Rogan, Martin Starr, James Franco?!?!? What!? Can you say cult classic, cause it is.

No more excuses for nothing to watch.  Get on it. 


Coin Laundry.

Today I did my laundry.
Today my clothes were not all the way dry after using the dryer for the normal amount of time.

Every time I do laundry the dryer and I have a silent battle.  The dryer knows that I will not pay the extra quarter for any extra dry time, no way Jose.  I would rather have my clothes strung out from my bedroom lamp reaching to the door knob than give that dryer the satisfaction of an extra quarter.

Sometimes I worry that after not paying the extra quarter the dryer has a secret conversation behind my back with the other dryer (the one that probably dried my clothes well the last time but was not available this time) --the mean and nasty dryer telling the good dryer not to dry as well next time in an effort to break through my stubborn quarter hoarding.  But they will not win, no they will not.

This is an awesome throw-back photo of my favorite coin laundry place in Columbus.  It is along High Street in a super cool little neighborhood called Clintonville.  Aptly named Clintonville Coin Laundry. 

I actually looked forward to doing my laundry here... James and I would do our laundry while playing Rummie500, drinking the free coffee and watching the little 19 inch TV in the corner.  James always forced me to pay the extra quarter.  He really doesn't like semi-damp clothes.  I guess that is why we are good together.  Fond memories! 

Except for the time the homeless lady stuck her face to the surface of the dryer that had my clothes in it.  Not such a good time. UGHH, dryers! 

On a related note... Ihave horrible luck with homeless people... I think maybe a post on that shall follow some time soon. 



So it is officially December and just 4 days ago at the beach we witnessed this sand-sledding! Whhhhhattt? Sledding is for snow, sillies.