Coin Laundry.

Today I did my laundry.
Today my clothes were not all the way dry after using the dryer for the normal amount of time.

Every time I do laundry the dryer and I have a silent battle.  The dryer knows that I will not pay the extra quarter for any extra dry time, no way Jose.  I would rather have my clothes strung out from my bedroom lamp reaching to the door knob than give that dryer the satisfaction of an extra quarter.

Sometimes I worry that after not paying the extra quarter the dryer has a secret conversation behind my back with the other dryer (the one that probably dried my clothes well the last time but was not available this time) --the mean and nasty dryer telling the good dryer not to dry as well next time in an effort to break through my stubborn quarter hoarding.  But they will not win, no they will not.

This is an awesome throw-back photo of my favorite coin laundry place in Columbus.  It is along High Street in a super cool little neighborhood called Clintonville.  Aptly named Clintonville Coin Laundry. 

I actually looked forward to doing my laundry here... James and I would do our laundry while playing Rummie500, drinking the free coffee and watching the little 19 inch TV in the corner.  James always forced me to pay the extra quarter.  He really doesn't like semi-damp clothes.  I guess that is why we are good together.  Fond memories! 

Except for the time the homeless lady stuck her face to the surface of the dryer that had my clothes in it.  Not such a good time. UGHH, dryers! 

On a related note... Ihave horrible luck with homeless people... I think maybe a post on that shall follow some time soon. 

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