Spa Day

"mmm I just love going to the spa.  Rodalpho, please fetch me another mimosa, and make it snappy this time." 


So since we were not able to make it home for Thanksgivers.. we threw a Friendsgiving at the apartment complete with a turkey and all... Here is some evidence (but not of the turkey, whooops!) ...

 All of our foods in the oven for some pre-feast heating. 
 My contribution to the Turkey-Hands collection of wall art. 
 Trader Joes had the best fall flowers for $3.99! Deals! 
Some Black Friday shopping at Target... They shut down the escalators and took people upstairs in waves with security people. ca-razy. Of course, we bought nothing. 


Mango is the funnest fruit to cut!

And I have cut a lot of fruit. No joke.  Sometimes in real teacher life, I even teach kids how to cut fruit. It's my job.


Feet are weird

Check out these feet...

 It's not a farmers tan... its a ... its a... "Don't wear TOMs everyday to teach Science Camp tan!"
Crazy one-sock foot. 



So there are a couple tricks of convenience you learn after living in 4 different apartments over the past 4 years. 

1. Bananas make excellent cell phone holders. 
If you keep a constant supply of bananas you never have to worry about setting your cell phone on a sticky counter!

2. NEVER EVER throw away the box to an oven pizza.  
These things are gold for not dirtying any dishes.   Its the simple life.  When the pizza is done you just scoot that thing out using your fingers right back onto the box.(Yes they will probably get slightly burnt.  This is only a bonus if you are a criminal and need to destroy your fingerprints.).  You then grab your pizza cutter and cut the pizza while still on the box.  As you take slices you should only use paper towels.  Do not dirty those dishes! 



Me One-Tooth.  Me eat bed comforter and drool on pillow for fun. 


This is what happens when I'm left alone in the kitchen with BACON.

I found this recipe on Pinterest... Brown Butter, Bacon & Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I left out the chocolate shavings and the chocolate bar and just added a little extra chocolate chips... I also used Turkey Bacon instead... That makes it healthier .. right? hah.

This is the dough.. amazing or what!? I shall freeze half for bacon cookies on demand. 

Here is the link to the blog for the recipe... http://mouthfromthesouth.com/brown-butter-bacon-chocolate-chip-cookies/   <-- She is pretty funny if you read through the recipe.  I especially like the part about the fused together cookies.

So Yummy!


I made a project from PINTEREST!!

YAY! After almost a month of pinning things on Pinterest I have finally completed a DIY.  If you have never been to Pinterest.. check it out... www.pinterest.com .  Unfortunately if you click this link I am going to look infinitely less creative.  Anyways, look at these awesome Post-It note holders I made, one for me and one for James! They were so cheap to make and I LOVE POST-ITS!

Heres what it cost to make one: 
Scrapbook Paper ----- 25 cents (on sale at Michaels!)
Clear Plastic Frame -- 50 cents (on sale at JoAnn Fabrics!)
Post It Note ------------50 cents (2 pack for $1 at the 99 Cent Only Store <-- That place is great!)
Monster Stickers ------33 cents ($2 for 6 stickers on CLEARANCE at Michaels!)
     That Equals........... $1.58 WOAH! HOLY DEALS to make our desks look flippin sweet. haha