So there are a couple tricks of convenience you learn after living in 4 different apartments over the past 4 years. 

1. Bananas make excellent cell phone holders. 
If you keep a constant supply of bananas you never have to worry about setting your cell phone on a sticky counter!

2. NEVER EVER throw away the box to an oven pizza.  
These things are gold for not dirtying any dishes.   Its the simple life.  When the pizza is done you just scoot that thing out using your fingers right back onto the box.(Yes they will probably get slightly burnt.  This is only a bonus if you are a criminal and need to destroy your fingerprints.).  You then grab your pizza cutter and cut the pizza while still on the box.  As you take slices you should only use paper towels.  Do not dirty those dishes! 

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  1. Love the pizza trick! & the fact that it is a Target pizza :)