I made a project from PINTEREST!!

YAY! After almost a month of pinning things on Pinterest I have finally completed a DIY.  If you have never been to Pinterest.. check it out... www.pinterest.com .  Unfortunately if you click this link I am going to look infinitely less creative.  Anyways, look at these awesome Post-It note holders I made, one for me and one for James! They were so cheap to make and I LOVE POST-ITS!

Heres what it cost to make one: 
Scrapbook Paper ----- 25 cents (on sale at Michaels!)
Clear Plastic Frame -- 50 cents (on sale at JoAnn Fabrics!)
Post It Note ------------50 cents (2 pack for $1 at the 99 Cent Only Store <-- That place is great!)
Monster Stickers ------33 cents ($2 for 6 stickers on CLEARANCE at Michaels!)
     That Equals........... $1.58 WOAH! HOLY DEALS to make our desks look flippin sweet. haha

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