Knit Knit Knit, Kna, Knit Knit Knit, Knit-a-lo-Kne-on

So this week I decided to take up a random hobby.  KNITTING! Well actually I wanted to take up the hobby of crocheting when I found "Crochet School" online where this awesome lady makes amazing videos teaching you everything you ever did not want to know about crochet.  But...I decided I probably needed to stick to the basics and just be a knitter.  Crochet maybe one day.  Maybe. This was on Sunday night.

On Monday I made my way to Michaels-- Craft Emporium, where I realized this was probably the most inconvenient time of year to take up knitting.  I fought my way through the hoards of old women and snagged some yarn (which they all eyed carefully... probably because they wanted to see what color to knit their great-grand-daughters 5th scarf with tassels for Christmas) and some pretty bad-ask* wooden knitting needles. Here is the live footage...OMG there was a sale. Fantasticulous.

I brought my supplies home and scoured the intra-net for the best teacher of knitting (secretly hoping Crochet School lady made some knitting videos as well- no such luck).  Anyways... on the YouTube I stumbled upon (no pun intended ghahahahahah, that maybe was inappropriate?) this cheesy-butt video with some kids who were also learning to knit.  I said to myself... "self, if these over-caffeinated teenagers can learn to knit then you can too," and thus I embarked on a knitting adventure with "Teen Knit Cafe."  This is it... and it actually worked!

So far I've been knitting for a combined approximate hourage of 1.5 and this is what I have to show...

I have absolutely no idea what it is going to be.   But what I do know is ... in the case of a zombie or any apocalypse for that matter you will want me with your cohort.  Let me state my case...... when we have barricaded ourselves in a basement of an abandoned house in the middle of winter in South Dakota we will send someone for supplies.  That someone who was searching for food and other items of use in an apocalypse to try and still live civilized amidst the insanity upon us may return with a ball of yarn and 2 sticks.  You know what... I am going to take that yarn and 2 sticks and knit the young children we have been trucking across country some blankets to stay warm.  And maybe if you are nice I will knit you one too so you don't freeze to death before the zombies eat you.  Ya.  So pick me, you want me in your apocalypse cohort.  And that is why I am going to master the art of knitting.

* All naughty words in all posts will be changed to not naughty words.  But in real life... this is how I really talk.  I actually say "bad-ask" instead of you know what and "bits" instead of you know what and "fudgeroni with cheese" instead of you know what. It just is.  Let it be.

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