Safety 101

Good Shower...

Bad Shower...

What is the difference you ask?  The good shower has clear doors so you can see any potential robbers, sketchy creeps or murderers.  The bad shower has a deadly curtain hanging in the way of seeing any potential robbers, sketchy creeps or murderers.  Robbers, creeps and murderers love to hang out in bathtubs, so when there is a choice, always pick the Good Shower.  If you close the curtain in a Bad Shower, you are just plain crazy.  If you leave the curtain as open as possible you are sane.  I know it looks prettier when closed, but DO NOT take the risk!

The following also appears to be danger!... but is actually very useful and practical and fantastic.  Do not fear to take the diagonal cross, it is especially handy.  Just don't get confused in the middle, as the guy in the diagram seems to be. 

That is all.  Stay safe. 

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