3 Really Great Things About Life

The little green thing in a cup of coffee that makes it not spill.
One time I put a coffee in my purse with one of these babies. Whaaat whaattt!

TOMS shoes are the greatest, but being able to wash them is even better.   YES you can wash them, don't be afraid, just do it,  seriously.  Look it up, its real, just do it, just do it.  I know it takes a lot of persuading, but I did it and you can too, I swear it, it's OK, really.  It took me more persuading that that, really it was a month of contemplation.  It is so worth it! 

The cart escalator at Target.  I mean really what can be better than a 3 story Super Target within walking distance of your  home.  Not much I tell you, not much. 

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