FREE Beverages!

If you want free beverages, head to the nearest beach.

At Hermosa Beach on Saturday, James and I were strolling along the boardwalk and ran into a street sale.  Tents on streets at the beach = free samples.
These were the 3 beverages we collected.... oh, plus free 7/11 slushies...

So heres a little review on each of these beverages...

Cuties Juice, Tangerine--- Pretty delicious, natural sugar but really really, maybe too much sweetness.  Basically  tasted exactly like a bunch of tangerines.  Yummy! Maybe would buy it, but not in bulk, definitely not in bulk.

Kern's Nectar, Mango --- Not bad, not great.  Second ingredient is high fructose corn syrup, probably safe to assume anything in a can is not good for you.  I like mangos A LOT, but this wasn't that great.  Probably will never buy it.

Vita Coco, Coconut Water --- I've heard good things about coconut water, but after trying this beverage... never again.  I really only like the smell of coconut, not the taste, but this stuff didn't even smell good, it smelled old.  I mean since it was free, maybe it was old.  GROSS! I will never buy it again, but I'm glad I had the chance to try it for FREE-zies!   A plus on Vita Coco...The packaging is really fun looking!

Yay for free samples!

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