iPhone Apps I Frequent -- Words with Friends & Tiny Tower

3. Words with Friends -- If you don't know what Words with Friends is by now, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!? It is the greatest game for Scrabble-lovers or Scrabble-haters, everyone loves it!  You can play with your friends or family or made up people online (who are not actually made up, they are real people, but I like to pretend they are computers).  I have become a master at Words with Friends from playing it wayyyyy too much.  If you are reading this, you should totally find me and start a game.  I'll play back quick, I swear!

I have the free version of this game of course, so there are ads.  You can make that not happen by paying, but I will probably never do that. Sorry Libby, I will play you back soon, promise! 

The coolest part about the Words with Friends app? .... You can basically play Scrabble at your own pace! You don't have to get all anxious about putting down your tiles quick enough so that the next person can take their turn, making it your choice to stay up until 4AM playing. 

4. Tiny Tower -- James randomly downloaded this app on my phone one day after seeing how awesome it was it was on Attack of the Show.  I love to micro-manage things, and I love this game.  You get to build floors in a gigantic tower and staff them with residents of the tower.  I mean how much cooler can you get?   This is my go-to app when I am bored or waiting for something.

Oh man, I love when people show up in the dinosaur costume! 

The coolest part about the Tiny Tower app? .... It works on real-time and progressively gets more difficult.  Right now it takes me 1 1/2 days to build a floor.  I like to race the clock to try and build the next floor before the previous one is completed. oh.my.gosh.so.much.fun. 

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  1. I am so intrigued by this Tiny Tower business, but I couldn't figure it out when I downloaded it!